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I'm a 26 year old woman from Newton Massachusetts. I'm currently working for Brandeis University as a department coordinator for their Development office. I'm also a loving wife, daughter, and sister. 

I went to Clark University for my undergraduate degree in International Development, hoping to work in a field where I could change the world. I proceeded to get my graduate degree in public administration and currently work in a field where I can help students change the world. 

I'm well traveled and enjoy travelling to new and exotic locations. My current situation, being on dialysis, has put a pause on all of that. I also enjoy trying all kinds of food from different parts of the world. 

In my free-time I enjoy roaming around the city and finding new places to explore. I also enjoy the world of make-up, fashion and everything that comes along with the hobby. 

Kidney failure has put a stop to my life. I am not living, but kept alive artifically through dialysis. I want a chance at life, the chance to live and be there for my family. I want a chance to take care of my aging parents. I want the chance to be able to be there for my husband, I want a chance to make a family. Please consider giving me a chance at life.